Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I can't feel my feet...

I work in an office where they run the air conditioning no matter what the temperature outside may be and I do not believe that the thermostat works because it's constantly running. I have been forced to wear socks today. For those that know me well, know that I despise the confinement of socks and laced up shoes. I managed to still wear my Birks but it's so cold in here I have to keep my socks on! Most people here at work, come to visit me and always see me with my shoes slipped off and I think they documented this sock wearing day on their calendar. I love the cold weather but I would rather have it stay outdoors!

I have added some more goodies here. The beer of the day because I love my brews and perhaps someone will see something interesting to try. There is a section for Chris and his home brewing news and brews. He's made some great beer. Some I loved so much they barely had a chance to fully mature before they were gone! There are some that have a strong hoppy taste and full bodied. Those are like a snack in a glass and one tall one will make you feel pretty good! Chris really enjoys making them. Then there is the Van Gogh of the day because I love his work. I also included a Cookery Connection with links I enjoy. The chefs listed make some great dishes and I like their techniques. I know Epicurious is so "commercial" but I get the Bon Appetite magazine monthly and I have to say that every recipe I used from those books were very satisfying and I am sure made them more than once. Just ask Chris about the Chicken with radicchio with a fennel caper sauce!

I will get some new pictures coming and I hope to be able to get some Nessa recipes on here too. Just a matter of time management!

Bella and her bob. So cute.

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