Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something I need to remember.

This would be my camera. We have two digital cameras and one video and we always forget them when we venture out or the event has passed before we think of using them. Today I will be able to get the kids from school and attend Bella's soccer practice and I forgot my camera again. I never get to attend the practices because of my hours. At least most of the games are on Saturday! So, I will make a point to remember my camera for the next time.

Nanna and Nannu have season passes to Disney that will be expiring this Sunday. So they are going to go one last time and take Bella along with them on Saturday. She will be missing a soccer game, but how could you pass up a day to Epcot right? What's really cool is there is a new restaurant at Downtown Disney that I know she will go crazy over. There is already the Rainforest Cafe' but now there is the T-Rex Restaurant! I am not sure if Nannu and Nannu will swing her by there to see it or not, but I do know that I will have to save my pennies to take her there someday. Heck, Downtown Disney is free and going in and walking around is free too.

Tonight my personal project is to carve my pumpkin! Chris carved his and ended up carving Bella's too. She was over it after spending 20 mins cleaning out the inside of hers. They both look really neat. I am going to use the stem as his nose on mine and I will have Bella help me if she wants to. We shall see if we can make anything out of it!

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