Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deep Thoughts...

As I was walking into the kitchen, I noticed Bella enjoying her strawberry toast. She was also looking outside. Not just outside, but where I like to go. Far away to a land of many thoughts and dreams. A land of accomplished deeds and imaginary places. I had to capture it. You know the place.

Busted! He's pulling up and if it's within reach, he's at it. Two almost retired balloons with string are not a cool toy for a teething, chew anything critter. Out they go...

No, it's not Laim Gallagher, it's Kristjan during his balloon bust. I love his hair. I am going to see how far we can go before I have to trim it.

Then there's Bambi. Kristjan really has taken to him. He usually just goes butt up on the living room floor for nap time. This time he decided Bambi made a good pillow buddy.

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