Monday, November 3, 2008

First cold snap + daycare & school = children with colds.

First off, I do have Halloween pictures to post. They are still sitting on Chris's camera. I promise you will see my critters before the Thanksgiving turkey emerges from the oven! Bella had a great time even though 1/3 of our neighborhood was participating in Halloween this year. Not many houses to trick or treat, but we did end up at our friend's house last where all the kids gathered and played while the parents drank a couple of cold ones before heading home. Next year Chris or I will stay home and give out candy while the other takes the kids around.

Kristjan on Friday had started coughing and sniffling so he stayed indoors with Nanna while Bella went out gathering goodies. His cough has gotten worse and now I think starting this afternoon, I am going to have to give him some breathing treatments because of that familiar crackling sound I can hear again. Needless to say, his appointment at the surgery center this Wednesday for getting his tear ducts flushed will be rescheduled for another time since he has a cold. Bella also has the rotten cough too. Any day now, I expect Chris or I will start feeling the bug. Hopefully we can get this funk out of our system before Uncle Dave comes to visit in a couple of weeks!

Bella went to Animal Kingdom on Saturday with Nanna & Nannu. She loved the dinosaur areas and then fell in love with the T-Rex Restaurant. She brought back a stuffed Bambi for Kristjan and a snow globe with Dinosaurs in it for herself. She had a great time and loved seeing all the animated dinosaurs.

Chris and I voted on Saturday. We were able to take advantage of the early voting ability here. Glad I got it over with! Now for all of you.....remember to GET OUT AND VOTE tomorrow!

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