Friday, November 21, 2008

Healing and Savoring

While my little man heals, I savor my time at home with him.

He's getting better slowly. Here he is enjoying a hand-me-down from Bella. He seems to have taken to is as well as she did. He is always playing with it. Go Baby Leapfrog!

He's finally down for a nap. I have checked for any work items and now I think I have the time to make some more cookies. I made peanut butter cookies and some more chocolate chip with walnuts. I figured; I have the time, why not? Plus, uncle Dave is flying in this afternoon, perhaps he would enjoy a cookie or two. The peanut butter may go better with a beer than the chocolate chip... We actually have had a couple of freezes down here this early in the season. I had to cover my ivy and my fig for two days. I uncovered them today so that they could get some light in. Still looking happy.
I have done some research on starting a garden and I think I will get started on prepping my area outside. I have until around Feb or March (6 weeks before last frost) to plant anything really. That gives me plenty of time to save and plan. Did I say plan? I am going to do this with baby steps so I don't get too far ahead of myself time wise or money wise. I want this to help save us money and provide good food. With the economy in the state it is and is going I have no idea what to expect next (especially with me). I think being able to sustain ourselves just a bit has to help right?

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