Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Her favorite subject.

Bella is my little art lover. If she is not stalking in the jungle with her dinosaurs or teasing her brother, she is either on the coffee table or kitchen table coloring. This is a habit I hope she never decides to end. It helps when we limit the tv and video game time too. This painting is one of my favorites. Looks to me like a French fine cheese with grapes.
I have saved every single piece of art that she has ever done so far. This includes all infant finger painting projects as well. I have a huge Rubbermaid bin under our bed filled to the top and overflowing full of her stuff. I am already saving the finger and foot paintings from Kristjan.
I am not a pack rat buy any means. I do purge on a regular basis. If I don't use it, lose it is what I say. The toys that pile up and lay there not being played with get donated, outgrown clothes get donated, housewares that we don't use go in the garage sale. I can't stand clutter. I don't like to just keep things I don't use for the sake of keeping it just in case I may need it someday. The kids memorabilia I do have a problem with letting go. Mom was the same way with my stuff. Maybe not to the extreme as me, but she did save quite a bit of my school work and letters.
So I think I will share Bella's art on here on a regular basis. I have tons of it and she is always making more. If I tell her I am posting them, she may go nuts and paint even more! Perhaps if I get the time to fiddle with the paint brush or pencil I'll share those too.

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