Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I had the time, so I did it.

There was an opening, so I grabbed it. I got home from work yesterday, I had no backpacks to go through, no lunches to make, no laundry to start, Chris did not have to work the next day so I knew we could eat dinner a little later and he also had an upset tummy so I just made tossed salads for dinner. With all those chores pushed back I had a little time to squeeze in those cookies I was wanting to bake. They are just Nestle Toll house cookies with some chopped walnuts included. Made from scratch, not from the chilled cookie dough log. I know it's an elementary item for most baking pros out there, but it's a start for me! Anyway, I love these little buggers to death and have to control myself when they are around! With some time and practice maybe I too can be a decent baker.

I still have those truffles to make with Bella. I would like to get some other delights made for the holidays. I am thinking of making treats and bagging them up for baskets I can give for gifts this year. I usually have this idea in my head every year but don't actually act upon it. I need to find out what the cost of the baskets, wrapping, bows, and ingredients for all the treats are. Just seems like it would be fun to make them and see others enjoy them. That's what I am talking about! That's why I love to cook mostly. I love to give some one the opportunity to enjoy a meal. I wish I had more time and money to focus more on the fancy smancy stuff I like to make. I know that will return in time. Right now I will focus on baby steps, just like Kristjan. Then one day we can just go with it!

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