Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I had to do it...

My original blog name just wasn't working for me. I know it's petty, but it was eating at me. Just was not sitting well at all. My new name seems to fit me more. What is soup? Soup is generally a combination of ingredients mixed together to make a dish. That's my view of what's going on in my life. There's of course my #1 which is my family. Then there are my dreams, my love of food, projects, duties, and my interests. Oh, and of course the trials of life will be included in that. That's my soup.

I love hot breakfast for dinner. I always resort to some breakfast idea when time is short and people are hungry for quick comfort food. I am always in the mood for comfort food! This scramble was just cubed potatoes, green pepper, onions and ham with egg. Can't get any easier than that. I'm a bad guy and like to shred sharp chedder on mine while Chris likes to wrap his up in a burrito with some Crystal sprinkled in it. I need to work on my photo skills or get more light in my kitchen, this photo does not do it justice.

Someone likes to attack my pantry whenever he hears the door slide open. He has a victim within his grasp.

Victim has been neutralized.

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