Monday, November 17, 2008

Making the time.

Number one on my lists of things to correct about me: Time management and making the time work for me. You know the phrase and you've heard it a million times "Make the time".

I am again on the roller coaster for another attempt at a healthier lifestyle. I am convinced that the higher powers in this country are together on keeping us all unhealthy. I mean the big pesticide companies that own the seeds that are grown (genetically modified in a lot of cases), the mass meat producers that hide the truth, the prepackaged foods that contain more additives and chemicals than a science project and the pharmaceutical companies that love how we all require their drugs to combat our high blood pressure and high cholesterol (I am one of those high cholesterol people). I believe they are all connected. That's just me. Educate yourself and believe what you want.

I notice during these trying times that it's better on my grocery budget to purchase the packaged foods than to get the organic meats fruits and veggies. Duh. No wonder the poor have such horrid health problems. They can't afford to eat healthy! I went off my grocery plan that was working so well saving me money and stopped by the vegetable stand and purchased loads of vegetables and greens in an attempt to out the prepackaged crap I was purchasing to save money.

I spent almost $30 dollars at the vegetable stand and still too much at the grocery store. If I had the time; let me rephrase that, if I made the time I would be making Kristjan's food for school and home verses buying all these tubs of Gerber foods at over $1 a pop. I can cook carrots and cube them up damn it! I need to get a garden going. I don't think I can manage one large enough to keep me from buying totally, but I think I can get enough in to cut costs in half.

Then there's my lack of self discipline. Getting off my arce to exercise every day would be my number one problem. I think I am just lazy. Simple as that. Those hard core exercise folks out there always say "make the time". It's true and it's that simple. I just don't make the time. Then there is consistency with eating healthy food. I am a sucker for a juicy burger or a cream based pasta dish and there are many times the salad takes a back seat to the heart attack platter.

I have a long way to go, but I have to do it. I would like to be around for my kid's weddings and even to see my own grandchildren. If that's the path they take. Heck, I hope to still be around, old and crusty with Chris just rockin on a porch one day. I signed up for a 5K in January for peet sakes! If I don't get off my bottom now, I'll be on the sidelines giving out water or lying flat on the concrete needing medical attention!

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