Monday, November 10, 2008

I plan on making a list of my plans...

So yes, I have a couple of herbs at home. Some rosemary, lavender, oregano and some soon to retire thyme. I need more now. I really need to get more herbs planted so that I can actually use them more in cooking. I had a basil plant that I used for a long while, but it has passed on. That's the herb I use most. For what I like to cook, I need a lot of herbs! I have three pepper plants. One jalapeno, one cubanella, and one serrano. Now that the dogs are no longer digging up all of my plants out back, I think I need to focus on planting a garden. Not the conventional square garden with rows, but planting the vegetables and herbs right in to the landscaping out back. I have two areas I can use. One for the single standing varieties like tomatoes, peppers and herbs and way back I can plant the vine vegetables like squash.

That's what I would like to do. All of this takes money and time of course. If I go at it a little at a time, I am sure it can be done. Not a huge garden that I can't manage, but enough that will help out on our grocery bill every week! I am sure Bella would help because she loves the dirt and plants and once Kristjan gets walking, perhaps he would like to roam around the back yard and get into a little trouble too.

I love to make plans, ideas, and lists. It's one of my biggest faults. I guess I'm heading to hell in a hand basket with all of my good intentions that lead now where at times. Do I get results from these plans? Maybe half of the time. Most of my plans are essential for the household while others are my little wants that I think we need. Like the garden for example.

I am currently needing to organize my organizer (like that?). I have doctor's appointments, window shopping dates, visitors, special days off (Nutcracker) and trips to keep track of. I'll stand you up if I don't right it down - assured! I have a list of important things to do like get our Will done, get passports, etc. Then I have my list of what to cook this week and what to get for next week. A list for the chores and organizing plans I have in my head for the household. Oh, and the always important Christmas list that I write down to help give me ideas for what to get whom. I'm a wish I was organized mess.

Good news on the health front! My little man Kristjan is back at school today and feeling much better. He still has a little congestion and we are still using the nebulizer but his congestion is less than before. He was bright eyed and smiling at me this morning! I wanted to stay home and play so bad, but off to work we go...

Bella played great soccer on Saturday. No goals, but she was in there with the boys kicking and blocking that ball. We did take some pictures of our Neon Turtle and I shall post them tomorrow.

Let's see if I can even get a list started today. Wish me luck!

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