Friday, November 7, 2008

Were did he go?

I am home with my little man today. The day is passing very fast. Not as fast as his little hands and knees! He can scoot on his little butt or crawl like nobody's business! Look away, and he's gone!

Time flies when you want it to pass slowly... He's doing better. Still that cough and congestion. Takes time to clear that up.

Here's Isabella with her award and bumper sticker. We had a great breakfast and she was happy to receive her award. I have a feeling we may be back again for another award one day. She seems to dig the positive attention. You know, when I was younger I said I would never put one of those ridiculous bumper stickers on my car. Well, it's on there already. Things change when it's your child and you are so proud. Plus....are you gonna say "no" to her when she asks if we are going to stick it on? I don't think so. All I am missing now is my magnet soccer ball...

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