Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's your favorite position?

Kristjan seems to prefer the butt up approach. Seems to be his favorite position. Even when he's tired and just rolling around he will get in this position to rest. So very cute. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

This is a rare photo of two children crashed at the same time BEFORE bedtime on our living room floor. Friday night Bella spread out the blanket and threw around some pillows to play and cuddle and before we knew it they were both asleep. Chris and I left them there while we enjoyed a movie and some quiet time.

Here's a few pictures of my little soccer pro. Her team is called the Lime Turtles. Not sure if I would associate soccer with a slow moving animal like a turtle, but it makes them happy enough. As you can see she takes her job pretty seriously. Just needs more practice for scoring. She is having fun and making new friends and that's what is important. We will have her participate as long as she is enjoying herself.

Keeping them involved in positive activities is what I am thinking. Not keeping them on a crazy schedule, but keeping them involved with activities at home, and with the community (boy that sounds corny for me to say that). I also seem to have this mindset that if I do what I can to keep them involved in activities they enjoy and with other kids that are active and articulate perhaps I can avoid them being lured into the wrong path of boredom, drugs, skipping school, etc. I can only show them the way right? Isn't that my purpose here?

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