Monday, December 15, 2008

Ends with a bang

Bella scored a goal on her final game on Saturday! As a matter of fact, every member of the team scored one goal each. It was their best game of the season. She was so excited to receive her trophy. We had a great time watching the game, it was a beautiful day out.

Gotta grow those bangs out so we can see both of her pretty eyes! She always takes off her hair clip.

Bella had gotten this really kool dinosaur book as a gift. With each dinosaurs history and description, you also had a puzzle to put each one together. Nannu put all the dinosaurs together for her so that she could play with them. Thought I would capture them prior to t-rex finding his next lunch date.

While the Jurassic period was being constructed, Kristjan performed some maintenance on his new ride. He really loves is new animal rescue truck and we can always hear his choo choo train going too. With all these new birthday gifts, it's hard to figure out what Santa can bring! I guess that's one of those things with December babies.

I think he was really getting his ride ready so he could hit the club circuit last night. Nothing like a little techno after a warm bottle and clean diaper change. Actually, we have a water spray bottle that I use to wet Bella's hair on mornings that it's a bit on the frizzy side. He seems to like having it spraying on him too. He likes anything that has to do with water. Looks like he got hit with some water and then a little styling to add!

I did manage to get some Christmas shopping done, but I still have more to do. If I could remove just 50% of the crazy traffic out there I might get the rest done in one trip. Unfortunately, the people responsible for road planning had there head in the clouds (a very nice way for me to put that) instead of creating ample and efficient roadways. I am sure my town is not the only one, it can't be. Mix some high maintenance babe's in giant Escalades that are always in a hurry and trying to kill you as they speed to their hair appointment and some snow birds that always go 20 miles below the speed limit that are headed home after their early bird special and I just want to pull over to the next happy hour joint so I can enjoy a couple brews until the traffic cleans itself out. Of course I can't really do that... so I sit there patiently like everyone else should. Sometimes in the back of my mind I envision that I had that extra police bumper on my car so I could just plow my way through.

I did make a few truffles yesterday from that recipe I posted a while back. I had a horrible time with them. Probably my fault, but I am going to use a different recipe anyway. I have all the toppings, containers and such I need. Just lacking in the truffle department. Once I get some made that actually look and taste like truffles, I'll get them on here.

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