Friday, December 19, 2008

Kindergarten fun

Boy did we have a blast and the "Make and Take" at school yesterday! I forgot my darn camera, but I will take some pictures of the goodies that we made. We should get those today because they all had to set and dry overnight.

Her classroom had 4 tables set up with each table having a different craft:
  • decorating your gingerbread man
  • making an angel with clothes pin and fabric
  • making a wreath with your traced hand and colored paper
  • making your own picture frame

We rotated every 25 minutes to the next table until we got to make one of each craft. I along with a couple other moms that attended, helped all of the kids with their crafts. I really enjoyed myself and I have to admit that I felt all warm and fuzzy being there to help the little guys. I have a new appreciation for all that Ms Carter (her teacher) has to organize and do everyday. With a room full of maniac five year olds, she had a great handle on them.

I was told Bella is her #1 helper and can always be counted on. I saw her in action too! She was picking up, helping her carry things, and organizing. Now, why can't I get her to do those things at home? I think I've been had...

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