Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe milk does do a body good

I never thought I would say this but I think those adds about drinking milk and it doing a body good are at least 1/2 true because when I started Kristjan on the organic whole milk, he seems to have been in the best mood! That and the fact that he has been without a cold or ear infection and it's been so nice to see him so happy and playful.

You should know or at least take time to read (do your research, don't believe everything you hear - think outside the box!) about the myths regarding milk and calcium absorption. It is there, but our bodies do not absorb it easily from milk. I can name dozens of foods that offer more calcium per calorie than cow's milk (basil, lettuce, kale, collard greens, parsley, fortified cereal, fortified orange juice, seaweed, blackstrap molasses, to mention a few). Don't get me started on the financial connection between the mass media and food industry and the information they don't want to you to know, wanting everyone to blindly go out and buy what they tell you to.

I seem to have developed a sense of informed independence. I don't want to allow myself to believe in urban legends, whatever the news says, etc. If I allow that I know I will become a paranoid, bitter, and lifeless entity. I don't want to be afraid to live my life because of what craziness the mass media has broadcast or because of a story he-said-she-said. I don't want my kids to be afraid either. I want to be informed from all angles and get the facts, then independently take action from there. No matter what others say, think or believe. That's what I am going to teach my kids. So there, that's my piece on that!

On a more peaceful note, I made a great comfort dish last night made from cabbage, spinach and sausage along with one of my favorites - hominy. You can view the recipe here if you like.

Tomorrow I will be going to Bella's classroom in the afternoon bringing juice and cookies along with me. We will be making Christmas ornaments together. I thought it would be fun and she would like to have one of us join her. Chris has joined her at school for an activity or two and this will be my second visit. We think it's important to be there for her for activities that they want the parents included on. You can see that all she seems to want is the love and admiration from us and to be proud of her. I think that's what all kids really make their parents happy. Both of mine make me so very happy everyday.

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