Monday, December 1, 2008

My love of Tennessee

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all! I am still alive and well. There has been two weekends that have passed already since my last post! Uncle Dave was in town the 21st for that weekend. We really enjoyed having him visiting again. He got to see what a zoo we have at home. With Bella's endless energy and Kristjan's exploration of everything he can's loads of action.

We were able to escape without the kiddies for a couple of brews at this great place called the Brass Tap. This place has 40 beers on tap and over 300 bottled. I was in awe. Finally a place that serves more than Bud, Bud Lite, MillerLite... I am talking rich Belgian beers, sharp German pilsners, English ales and stouts, creamy wheats and others from around the world along with wonderful American microbrews. Yum. Wish I could have one now.
Above is Monteagle which is between Chattanooga and Murfreesboro in our travels. I love those hills and mountains! I miss it already...

We arrived late last night from our travels north to beautiful Tennessee for the holiday. The visit was wonderful and we had a great time. I will say our trip home was a mess with the traffic and the kids were bored out of their mind, but we made it home okay. We went up to visit Chris's mom and his sister Caroline and her family. We stayed at Aunt Caroline and Uncle Neal's place where Bella and Kristjan have cousins Emily and Cate. Emily and Bella spent most of their time playing together and Kristjan and Cate (both babies) liked to hang out on the floor playing, pooping, burping, and drooling. The food was delish and we ate more than we should have. There were pies and cookies to munch on too.

I have no siblings from my parents but I love Caroline like she's my sister. She is my sister to me. Bella and Emily are close to the same age and they play and get along so well together. I wish we didn't live 12 hours away by car. Now more than ever it seems clear to me how important family and growing up with your family around you really is. Not just seeing them on holidays and weddings. Now that I have kids I see the value of it. I want Bella to be able to have Emily near to her, to play with and to grow up together. I feel the same with Kristjan and Cate. I hope I can make it happen before it's too late.

I also love the town and the areas surrounding it. The Smokies are right there, Chattanooga, Nashville, parks, beautiful rivers and lakes. So many places to take the children to experience, play and learn. It's so much cleaner up there, the schools are better, there are more opportunities / activities for the kids, crime is less, people take pride in their homes, they actually keep the streets clear of garbage and cut the grass. I could go on and on. I was out in my car today running an errand and the vehicle in front of me tossed some garbage out the window....I knew I was back home. I know I will have my final home up there. The house I plan to grow old and crusty in - rockin on that front porch with Chris, with maybe even a pretty mountain or hill to look at. Some day... Now, how to get my parents up there....

I have lots of pics to post, so as soon as I get some down time, (whoa?) I'll get them in.

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