Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roseola is red...

and fevers are blue, this weekend was stressful and I am glad that it's through...

Happy Belated Christmas everyone! I will explain my poem here in a minute. First I would like to thank everyone for their generous and wonderful gifts for Christmas! The children received some much needed clothes (thank you so very much!) and they both love their toys. Bella loves her Nintendo DS, her Pixos and her art supplies. She also can't wait to tear into her dinosaur block and see what's inside. She loves her dinosaur books too. Kristjan is enjoying all of his toys. He loves to drag is helicopter and pelican around and he likes his little people toys. There are little cars, balls, and people all over the place! Thank you again so very much! I hope you all had a great Christmas.

What a mess! I bet most homes looked the same that morning. Bella already glued on her DS and Chris getting started on getting those toys from their Fort Knox packaging.

Bella can't make up her mind what to play with and Kristjan looks like he's pondering the same questions as well.

Playing with his little people farm. Hmm...looks like I am going to have to reluctantly break down and give him a trim before his hair covers his little eyes.

Bella helping to hand out gifts.

Nothing beats a ride on a box! Kristjan is my little mountain goat. Liked to get on top of all the boxes. Bella took advantage of a free ride. Nannu got a little workout in the deal too.

My little sprouts and I

Kristjan and the Christmas tree. I kind of felt bad taking it down. I usually keep it up until after the New Year, but he was so drawn to it that I needed to get it packed away. He was constantly at that tree tugging on it. I understand man! It's tall, pretty and sparkly. Unfortunately, not safe to be climbing, tugging and chewing on. Tree had to go!

Now, on to my silly poem. Christmas evening Kristjan developed a mild fever. In the morning he had another fever so he stayed home with daddy. Throughout the day the fever persisted and became higher each time. Seemed the fever would come back after the medicine wore off. In the middle of the night Friday he was at 104 and after giving him another sponge bath and meds I took him to the hospital. After a long night there we came home with the diagnosis of Strep Throat. They had given him a shot and instructed us to keep the fevers down with meds. All day Saturday...high fever, then finally on Sunday the fever broke and then a rash developed.

I took him to his pediatrician yesterday and she said he did not have Strep but in fact had Roseola. A virus that starts with 3-4 days of intense fever and then the fever passes and the lovely rash develops. My little spotted child is doing much better. His appetite is returning and his rash will go away on its own.

I noticed last night; when I was looking in the mirror, that I have a little herd of gray hairs on top of my head. My first gray hairs mind you! I know those buggers were not there a week ago.

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