Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slow down

There are only two more weekends before Christmas! Holy crap batman! This must be the fastest month of the year for parents and the slowest for kids. I am sure I am in the group of people who have tons left to do and wondering when we will get it done. While I envy those that have been well prepared, well organized and just floating through this holiday season. You know, a therapist would probably tell me that I thrive on the chaos and would not function without it.
Who knows, it could very well be a true idea.

I finally found a salad dressing that I truly love and would use over and over! It's delish and not too bitter. I notice a lot of them use way too much vinegar for my liking and I can never find a dressing that I truly care for (other than making it myself). The brand is Brianna's and I am sure you have seen it at your local grocer near the organic or specialty foods section. The one I am referring to has the strawberry on the front (second from the right) which is the Blush Wine Vinaigrette. I think it would go great on chicken, pork or white fish too. We have gotten this brand of dressing for a long time but never this flavor. Chris's favorite of this brand is the one with the cut open peach on the front (far right) which is the Rich Poppy Seed. They aren't kidding when they say rich. I recommend anyone to step out of the Kraft box and try this brand to see for themselves.

I have to mention that the dressing we must have on hand at all times is Annie's Goddess Dressing. This is Chris's ultimate favorite and he covers his salad with it every time. I can place several options next to the salad bowl but he will always select his Goddess.

Bella with a natural smile.

One day he will be able to see more out that window.

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