Friday, December 12, 2008

Teaching those skills early

After dinner and before I had a chance to put everything away, I busted Chris picking out little ditties from the baking dish still sitting on the stove. Looks to me like he was also showing Kristjan the technique. No wonder my leftover dish for work is missing garlic and brussel sprouts!I see that hand! I made one of Chris's favorites which is a roasted vegetable and pasta bake. I did not have the feta cheese on hand, but it still worked out okay. If you are interested in the recipe click here. By the way, Chris would be proud that I actually figured out the HTML stuff to create that link, which took me forever to do. Now I got it though.

If you visited, you will notice I am working on a blog exclusively on recipes. I have made many dishes from my head and I never write them down. Then when I am asked to please make that great dish of this and that again, I can't remember how I did it! Even recipes from books and from online I modify one way or another. So this way I have a record and also links on the side to find them easily. I don't mind sharing them. It's not like I am going to make any money off of them and I am not going to keep them a secret so that they never get used or shared. A recipe will die if it's not shared. Especially with family. Maybe I can accumulate enough of my own recipes to publish my own cookbook one day. I would say dream on, but you never know. I am still young and there are many more recipes to experiment with. I'll put more and more on there, so if you are interested in something different (and I am known for making "different" things) feel free to try them out.

I had my last class for the semester on Wednesday and Bella has her last soccer game this Saturday. I will miss seeing all the kids running around in crazy circles but am looking forward to sleeping in and having more time on the weekends for home stuff. I am thinking next year I may not have her back in soccer and try her for theatre or dance. I think theatre is her ticket but since we live in nowhereville I will be hard pressed to find anything near the house. Grandpa suggested the martial arts. That may work for her too. It teaches focus, discipline and she gets to express herself. I do have a couple of those nearby. We shall see what my research digs up.

This weekend I will be on a baking spree. I have made my mind up and it will happen damn it. Those truffles I mentioned weeks back are on on the agenda along with some cookies. Bella also wants to make some cookies for Santa and his elf helper and we must make sure to have some carrots available for all the reindeer!

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