Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Always welcome good news

I took Kristjan to the eye doctor today and confirmed that he will no longer be needing the eye probing procedure. His tear ducts seem to have matured and cleared on their own. They still get clogged when he has head congestion but as long as we are not again having to clean out his eyes and medicate, he should be home free! We are so pleased with the news. Whew!

Mmm, now that's a good piece of oak.

Want some?

Bella takes crashing on the couch to a whole new level utilizing all cushions at once.

I am going to do little experiments on myself to see if I can pin point a problem I have developed through past couple of months. Seems almost every time I eat I am bloated, tired, tummy bothers me, pulse changes, among a few things. I am not sure what's going on here so I think I will test a couple of theories. Perhaps I am becoming sensitive to certain foods or it's my cholesterol meds. I have a doctor's check up coming up, but until then why not see for myself?

I am going to take a two week dairy break and see what happens. I think it will be kinda fun to try and see if I can even manage to live without any of my beloved cheese for two weeks. I guess the good part is that I am really not supposed to be consuming that many animal products anyway, so this is a good thing no matter what.

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athomewiththeknights said...

Yay Kristjan! I'm glad his eyes are okay. Good news is a wonderful thing.