Monday, January 26, 2009

Brewing and baking

Sounds very Martha Stewart doesn't it? That's not all bad to me. There's nothing wrong with trying to be more organized and also make things yourself instead of just going out and buying it, especially when money is tight. Hell, look where it got her? I wouldn't mind having her bank account!

I made my big dough ball yesterday so I will be able to make my loaves of bread again when I need them. Saturday I made a delish mushroom and prosciutto lasagna. It's a recipe that I have made a few times. I've linked to the recipe from (I regret it's not my photo but mine looks a lot like it. I forgot to take a pic. I'll get one on here). It is labor intensive and has more calories than I like, but worth it man! We had Nanna and Nannu over for dinner and they liked it too. It's a once a year kind of treat. I even made the lasagna noodles myself which made it even more creamy in texture. It's pure heaven on a plate...

If you keep track of my side items that usually change weekly you will notice a new entry for Barley Water Brewing. Chris brewed his Foreign Extra Stout yesterday. It looks like it will be another local favorite.
Wort into kettle.

Look how dark that is. I tried the wort before it was brewed and it was sweet and nutty.

Look who sat out in the garage for a bit to watch dad do his cooking.

Move out of the way! I can't see what he's doing!

Hitching a ride from sis and both getting in some vitamin D. I also need some of that. Maybe a little extra for added color too.

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