Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brrr! It's actually cold down here

When I pulled in to daycare this morning I looked at the temperature reading in my car and it was 19 degrees outside! Now that's darn chilly for a Florida girl! It's been an exceptionally chilly winter so far for us. I actually like it because I know how miserably long and hot our summers are.

So far I am still 21 days no soda or fast food. I am still not feeling "deprived" at all which is good. I have been making and enjoying different kinds of teas. When it's really cold I drink it hot, when I feel parched, I pour it over ice. I am still looking for calorie free beer. If you find some, let me know...

Sadly I have not yet acquired a steady exercise regimen. Here's a funny story as to why. While getting up at 4:00am had its perk as far as giving me time to be alone and to get ready at a slower pace, I found that on my way to work I was literally having to slap myself in the face to stay awake. One morning I pulled in to work 15 minutes early and decided to just stay in the car and rest my eyes for just a moment. Next thing I know a co-worker is banging on my window to wake me up, which scared the crap out of me! At that moment I knew getting up @ 4:00 was not for me. So here I am again in exercise limbo. I'll get it figured out.

I know I am being one of those annoying boasting mothers but he's so very cute.

Just like his sister did, he loves to swing.

He gets a lot of his looks and his temper from his dad but he's pensive like me. He is very curious and will launch towards anything but he's also content with just looking around too.

I have been reeking the benefits of my bread and pre made items from the weekend. I need to keep that a must do each weekend. The night before last I made a pancetta, potato and kale dish and served that along with some hummus and bread (I made another loaf!) which was great because it makes enough for lunch for work too at a low cost. Last night I made stir fried rice with the rice I had prepared during the weekend along with miscellaneous vegetables I had around that needed to be eaten. So far preparing things ahead has helped me be able to still eat healthy while getting dinner done quicker. Oh, and save some money too. I am constantly trying to think of ways to save on my food and house items bill each month.

All roads seem to lead to going back to basics. Something I think a lot of us have lost touch with through the years. I know I have.

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