Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moving on up

Kristjan is no longer in the infant room and has moved on to the toddler room at daycare. He has a new nap mat with cover (instead of the crib), uses only sippy cups, has his own little bin with his blanket and extra clothes and uses a lunch box now. We are still going to give him milk via bottle in the morning and at bedtime. He LOVES his bottle. He can walk while holding or pushing things but has not let go yet. I have a feeling that since he will be in a room full of crazy toddlers he will see them and start walking soon. He also may learn quick just to keep from being run over! Time is passing so very fast.

Somebody is excited about the bath filling up! Sorry Kristjan, had to do it. He just always looks so cute as he pounds on the tub waiting for the water to fill. He wants in that thing!

Something happened yesterday at 7:00 that is rare. They both crashed at the same time again. Bella layed down next to him for a moment after her bath and before we knew it, she was out. She didn't even eat dinner. She stayed asleep the rest of the night. I don't wake sleeping children. I learned that lesson the hard way. They are more in tune with their bodies than adults (still have some natural instincts that we tend to lose as we age) so when they are hungry they will let you know. Kristjan had been quite fussy and after a warm bottle of milk fell asleep. He did end up waking up right as I put the first morsel of dinner in my mouth. It always happens that way.

Speaking of dinner I made Collard greens for the first time and WOW were they awesome! I am in love man! Even Chris gave me a thumbs up for them. This is coming from two people that; when younger, would not have gone anywhere near them. I will be preparing them as often as I can get a hold of them. I just tossed them together and served them with chicken breasts I had seared with just salt and pepper. I put a dollop of goat cheese on top of the chicken and let it melt. The combo of the chicken, cheese and collards was great and it didn't take long at all (the kids being asleep helped I am sure!). I have the recipe for what I did with the collards here if you are interested in trying them out.

I used a box of Uncle Ben's wild rice to serve with it in my attempt to rid my pantry of the prepackaged items I still have left. I think you could serve the combo with plain rice, bowtie pasta, or even a baked sweet potato. I think the sweet of the potato and the savoury of the greens and chicken would blow my mind. I'll have to make that again and try that idea out. Now I can't wait to try mustard and turnip greens. I also want to try celery root, swiss chard, okra and broccoli rabe. I am sure there are more and I am willing to try them all. Crazy that I am getting excited about vegetables. I think I need serious help...

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