Thursday, January 15, 2009

My little scholar

Bella's second quarter report card was even better than the first! She received excellent in math, reading, comprehension and art! She's off to a great start and I am so very proud of her. She drives me crazy at home sometimes but at least she has the attention span needed to focus on learning. Now to get her attention to remember to put her clothes in the hamper? I am still working on that.

Sometimes I have to bring her to work with me due to school or daycare being closed and she notices that I sit on the computer along with moving papers around all day. She makes comments and gets bored of course even though I provide dvds, coloring supplies and video games. It's a long day at the office for her. I always remember to remind her when she complains that she needs to make sure to do well in school so that she does not end up spending every day working away at something that means nothing to her spirit or happiness. I tell her that she can be anything she wants as long as she works hard for it and remembers to not be afraid to pursue her dreams.

I think that when I tell her this, I am also talking to myself. I am still working on that too.

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