Friday, January 2, 2009

The park

I really did take the kids to the park and I brought my camera with me, although I brought our old one and found out at the moment I needed to capture my first shot that the batteries in the damn thing were dead. So no pictures this time around.

To be brutally honest, the park I took them to is the closest to my house but I truly dislike that park. It's not very clean, the pond in the center has garbage on the shore, there seems to be more dirt than grass, and some of the people there concern me. There are other parks that I can go to but I would have to travel farther. We have a nice play set out in our backyard but I know Bella likes to go to the park primarily because she always likes to make a new friend while out there. She did yesterday. She and this little girl went from play set to play set and had a blast. You would have thought they had known each other forever. I love her robust vigor on life. I want some of that confidence. I have always have been the reserved and observational type and I have recently grown to desperately want to break free from that. She is not afraid to talk to anyone. I need to take advice from her.

My favorite city park by the way is Congress Park in Saratoga Springs, NY. When we were up there last with Bella we had a picnic and she rode the carousel over and over! Now that's a beautiful park. It's very clean, well kept and there is much to explore.

The carousel

This fountain is called Spit and Spat.

I think I must also clarify for those who make take offense to the banning of fast food on my list of resolutions. I just have that vibe that people may think I am acting nouveau riche by making the comment about them being rancid. I apologize but I can't help it. Well, let's see. The last time I ordered something from MacDonald's; which was just the other day, it was pathetic. I ordered the fillet-o-fish and upon opening the box, my top slice of bread was off to the side, the cheese had not even made it to the sandwich and had melted on the packaging, the fillet itself was the size of a 3 x 3 post it note and the tartar sauce was spread all over the sides and bottom of the sandwich. This has happened to me repeatedly when I get food from these types of places.

The people working there don't care and just slop the stuff together to then basically throw it at you. I have gotten salads with rotten lettuce numerous times too. What happened to quality and caring about what you do? I'm tired of it. I don't need to keep feeding these places any more of my money.

One day just take a moment to look at what you are about to ingest. What the hell is it anyway? What makes up a chicken nugget? At MacDonald's you are literally eating just corn. The beef is corn fed, there is corn meal in the bread, corn fed cows for the cheese, the soda has corn syrup and the fries cooked in corn oil. Oh, and the wonderful genetically modified corn at that.

I would love to tell you about what really goes on as far has how that beef, pork and chicken makes it to your plate. But another time perhaps or better yet research it yourself. There is plenty of data out there if you care to know. I'll just say go organic, free range, grass fed and humanely treated if you can and try out those little family owned restaurants where they actually put some soul and love in their food. I know of one! Right now I wish I were at Camino's in Murfreesboro having a Margarita and a fresh made Chimichanga. It's a family owned Mexican restaurant and I swear it's the best Mexican food ever. Now that's what I'm talking about!

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