Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two important steps

Step one!
He took his first steps yesterday at home with Bella and daddy. He just started standing in place for a while and then started walking!

Looks like he's pretty pleased with himself. He should be! The first step is a very big step in life.

Step Two!

Inauguration Day! I ususally shy away from all Politics and Religious topics because of everyone's different beliefs and views and have never found it positive to debate either subject. However, I was moved today and just want to say that I embrace this change and I have hope that we can all unite as Americans no matter what race, ethnic background, religious preference or financial standing and as people of this earth to bring peace and productivity to the forefront for the sake of our future generations.
We are all the same.
There, I said my piece.

Introducing Ms. Bella our local paleontologist. She's found an interesting rock and has her tools ready to investigate.She was right! Looks like we have a fossil folks.

She carefully excavated her dinosaur out and he's safe and sound in the house hiding in the kitchen somewhere. I am sure I will find him along with some friends behind my mixer when I go to start dinner!


athomewiththeknights said...

Go Kristjan!
Go Bella!
Go Barack!

I'm feeling a little (okay, a lot) sappy about my children today. I do believe The Lion King said it best, "We are one."

Lorna said...

hi nessa Ireaaly enjoy watching your kids they 're fantastic God Bless Them. I am your cousin from malta. Well done for your interesting subjects they are very useful tips for our daily life

Nessa said...

Thanks guys! Janet I hope you and Hannah and family are enjoying yourself!

Lorna, it's so great to hear from you! Feel free to email me anytime! Glad to be able to keep in touch. I hope to be able to come to Malta before everyone grows up!