Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We lonely blue baggers

Today was recycling day for us and as usual we got all our blue bags tied up and neatly placed in front for pick up. Our blue bags really stand out in our neighborhood because unfortunately they are the only ones to be seen every other Wednesday.

I read a letter to the editor in our local newspaper this past weekend that I completely agreed with. We have a neighboring town about 6 miles away from us that will possibly be getting a landfill. The individual stated that they received a card in the mail wanting to stop the landfill. They then when on to say "Until everyone in the town area recycles almost all of their waste, there will be a need for a dump. Every house I see with a sign in the yard that says to vote against the landfill, has giant garbage cans in the driveway awaiting pick up". They never see anyone recycling.

There are many benefits to recycling. It does reduce the need for land filling and incineration. It saves energy and decreases emission of greenhouse gases. Also recycling conserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals. Hell, the fact that it helps sustain the environment for our future generations makes it a selling point for me. Some states make it mandatory to recycle. I wish they did that where I live because I fear no one will participate until it's mandated.

I recycle all of my boxed items, clear glass, canned items, allowed plastics, newspapers etc. Just chuck them in your blue bag - it's that easy. I do rinse out my items that contained food and such, which I guess does create more work in the kitchen, but it doesn't seem to bother us much.

So next time you are out buying your white tall kitchen bags, please grab a box of the blue ones too. ;o)

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