Monday, February 23, 2009

The county fair

The last time Chris or I visited our small county fair was when we where still in high school. Upon entering, we both remembered why we had stayed away so long. Fair food, heckling carnival workers, old and unstable rides for $3.00 a pop per person, per ride and let's not forget the entertaining locals that attend. The mullet still lives folks...

Here is our main attraction at the fair this year. Bella's art was chosen to be shown! Here is her creation. We are so very proud of her.

Bella's first bumper car ride and wasn't her last. It was her favorite attraction.

Ok, the fair does still bring in the smiles and laughter.

Well, with one exception.

I thought it was fun!
I think Kristjan was captivated by the sounds, smells and sights that day. There were plenty of things to see.

We got home and we let the kids play outside while Chris cleaned up some frost bitten plants and we assessed what plants to replace and where vegetables will be planted. Next weekend is all about the outdoors, the yard and the garden! Let the planting begin!

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