Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The flavor of the month

I am actually referring to the antibiotics of the month. Seems one of my children are on at least one variety each month. We are all known on a first name basis at the pediatrician's office. Diet and vitamins aren't enough when they are constantly exposed to other sickly children. We make a point to leave our kids at home until they are better or are no longer contagious. I wish other parents would do the same. I am looking forward to summer and with that hopefully the ailments will chill a bit.

The ever so popular condition at my house, the middle ear infection. Our nose, mouth, and ears are actually all connected within our head. Most middle ear infections occur during or after we have a cold. Just as your nose gets stuffed up with extra fluid during a cold, our middle ear can also fill with fluid. When the fluid just sits there bacteria can grow and cause an infection. Middle ear infections are much more common in kids because it is difficult for fluid to drain from the middle ear. As you grow older the fluids drain more easily.

Bella's first year of life was plagued by chronic ear infections and we spent many days at home with her. After two myringotomy and tube placements and one adenoidectomy she no longer gets them (knock on wood ~ as I may curse myself).

Kristjan again has ear infections in both of his ears. I feel so helpless when my kids are not feeling well. He's been crying, cranky and just wanting to be held. I don't blame him. They can be very painful if you have ever experienced it. Chris and I have been rotating days off to tend to him until he's better.

And once again we have a child on antibiotics.

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