Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great American past time

When I was a kid I was outside all the time. On the weekends I would eat breakfast and watch a little Bugs Bunny and out the door I went. I was called in for lunch and then called in again for dinner. If I was thirsty, I would grab some water from the garden hose.

Get out here sis!

Today, kids have more indoor temptations. There are cartoons 24 hours a day, the computer, the video games, movies, etc. It's not all their fault though. Here it gets more hot in the summer now than years ago, we don't have a few acres of land to play and roam, we have to keep our eyes out for speeding cars or unwelcome strangers (like sexual predators - ok so I am paranoid), and I too admit I fall victim to the household goodies (like foodtv!).

I am doing my best just let the dishes or cleaning wait and when I notice it's nice out, it's time to go outside! Hopefully this summer with my plans for some gardening and with the pool, we will make sure to give the tv and videos some rest and get our play on.

Now that I am free, where should I head first?

I think I'll help dad with the pruning.

There she is! Her buddy Isabella (same age too) lives next door and they can see each other over the backyard fence.

Run Forest!
This year we are going to get Busch Gardens passes for the year. That way we can also go to Sea World too. Both kids love animals and rides and it's a great way to get out of the house and have some fun. Pay once, and it's free for the rest of the year! We can also bring our food too to save money.
I baked a large batch of brown rice for dinner and storage.

I had enough cooked rice for dinner and for three meals worth for the freezer (Hmm, do I have any matching containers? Oh, and mom, I think that blue one is yours!).
I totally love my bread now. I make a large batch of dough for the week that I keep in the frig and just pluck out some any time I want to bake a loaf. The week old dough is more like sourdough and has large holes inside and is my favorite loaf of the batch. It tastes like Artisan bread! There is nothing like it in any local grocery store near my house and I love that I can just make it at home in 30 mins. I have to thank my friend Janet for this!

I've updated my recipe blog with some more recipes if you're interested. Seems most of them are a toss of this or that. I plan on getting some soups and slow cooked bean recipes made and put on there. Oh, and I am going to experiment with sushi too. I got a great Japanese cookbook for Christmas and can't wait to get started. Wish I had some California rolls or tuna rolls to eat right now!

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