Monday, February 9, 2009

Trying to keep my cool

I moved from my previous neighborhood for one main reason. To get away from lazy, unclean, and inconsiderate neighbors (well, that's the nicest way I can put it). Yesterday I walked the kids over to my parents to visit for a tad and the house across from me had this going on...

Lovely empty bottles, papers, toys, and miscellaneous trash all over the place and even in the yard across the street. Oh, and I almost tripped over a skateboard.

Their old carpet just sitting piled on their front lawn. It's been a couple of days and it's still sitting there. I have a running bet on how long it stays there before I lose my mind and go mental on them.

Apparently the $60 a year I spend on our Homeowners Assoc fee is a joke and apparently I am again surrounded by unclean people. There's a house with their fence falling apart and laying down, another with a truck part in the yard, a couple of houses that refuse to put away their garbage cans or upkeep on their lawn, etc..

Granted there are people who play by the rules and are clean and it sucks that we take care of our homes while others don't. Chris and I work full time as do my parents and I am sure others in the neighborhood and we still make sure to put things away, upkeep on the house and plants. THERE IS NO EXCUSE PEOPLE! Get off your ass and clean up your crap! I don't want to see it and it lowers the value of my home.

Upscale neighborhoods have lawn care and house upkeep funds readily available but that has nothing to do with putting your trash away, picking up after yourself and having some pride in your home. This is a normal neighborhood with nice homes and these people are just breaking down the "community". They are the first to chuck garbage outside their car window while having a support America sticker on their bumper. Whoa?!

I will be a lot more selective about where I live the next and final time around. I'm not asking for perfection here, I'm just tired of people who just don't care. Whew...

Look at this! These are pancakes that Chris made from scratch for Bella. She was home for a couple of days last week because she was ill and we were out of frozen waffles so he made these for her from an online recipe. Go Chris! Now let's work on dinner...

Bread blob. I didn't put enough corn meal on my pizza peel so it stuck and I had to scrape and shove it on the oven stone. Turned out pretty good though!

I joined facebook and wanted a new profile picture for it. Here's what I have on there right now. I really dislike photos of myself still, but still working on the weight thing. Anyway, I'm in the middle of two beautiful people! Btw, I am 40 days no fast food or coca cola!

Computer time. Bella loves to play and learn on Noggin, Disney or NickJr online. She likes to print out things to color too.

Kris's auto repair shop. He's getting the walking down pat and has learned how to open all the interior doors. We are currently searching for the proper gating system that we need to keep him out of trouble. He's everywhere all the time now and he's already on his third pair of shoes!

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