Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's and mystery meat

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I got to talk to a couple of long lost cousins overseas in the morning on facebook. I was chatting with one in Malta and one in Luxembourg at the same time! Very cool. Then I escaped alone for some grocery shopping. Chris had to work, so we will take an adult break and dine out next weekend.

Bella and Chris getting all the Valentine's prepared for the party and exchange.

I want to help!

Oh well, at least I have my tupperware.

I think I have to keep doing pizza once a week. I just love the stuff. I grab whatever I have the in the frig and throw it on top. This one had roasted garlic, with peppers, onions, mushrooms and feta cheese. Yum! I cooked the mushrooms first and then added the onions and peppers to heat them through a bit before topping. I have been using the pre-made crusts and just topping and baking.

Now that I have been making my own bread I feel a little better about attempting my own pizza dough. I should make a bunch and freeze them so they are readily available. Last night I made my dough for the week and let it rise for about 4 hours. I then grabbed a portion, put it on my peel, let it rise a little longer and put it in the oven. Man! It was awesome! The crust was thick and crispy like Maltese bread and the center was moist and airy. The kids seem to like it too. Kristjan loves pieces with butter or hummus and Bella loves hers with butter. Wish they all would turn out that way. My wheat bread was a bit dense - could have played soccer with it.

Saturday while grocery shopping I picked up two beef fillets for dinner. I put back a couple of nice looking tuna steaks I had picked up because we rarely eat red meat and I thought a couple of steaks for Valentine's with a little red wine would be great. I could not find any Greenwise, organic or grass fed so I reluctantly picked up the regular store brand meat. It looked like it had great marbling and was seemingly fresh. Chris put a dry rub on them and we let them marinade for the day then he grilled them and they looked perfectly cooked to our liking.

Something was off though. The meat in no way had the taste or texture of a fillet mignon. It was bland, chewy and fibrous. We both noticed it. It's like we got the wrong cut of meat made to look like a fillet or the animal was really old. It's a mystery, but I am thinking we got an old dairy cow or something. Blech!! I am grossed out just thinking about it and I won't do that again!

Coincidentally I found this article this morning on yahoo "Dairy cows head for slaughter as milk prices sour"
I am so happy a news story like this made the main stream. Makes me wonder if my thinking about that steak was right.

I should have stuck with the tuna...

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