Monday, March 23, 2009

Another weekend gone in a flash

It's time to put the screens in and maybe even keep the windows closed in our eating area. These windows face the pool which is screen enclosed already. We don't need him climbing over and getting out there near the pool.

I was able to get my "Martha" on Sunday. I made:

My dough ball for the week. Here it has risen to twice it's original form. I'll keep that in my frig and take what I need out for baking.

Loaf out of the oven for dinner.

Made a batch of brown rice to portion and freeze for easy grab and heat during the week.

Cooked a batch of dried cannellini beans and portioned out for freezing. These I overcooked a bit.
Made some vegetable stock for the freezer. Just simmered a mirepoix (celery, carrots & onion) with some asparagus stems I had saved with garlic cloves, pepper and salt in my big stock pot with water.
Lastly, two batches of pasta.

For dinner I made Skillet vegetables on cheese toast. You can check it out on my food blog if you like.

Tonight Caroline, Neal, Emily and Cate will be arriving to stay for a few days. I am looking forward to it. I only wish we were the ones driving up to Tennessee to see them! I feel horrible that we won't be able to go up there this summer and it has been over two years since we visited the Smokys. I long to see the Smoky Mountains again. That place brings me such happiness and peace and is oh so beautiful. I hate being so far away. Someday I'll be closer to my mountains.

They are going to bring one of their little puppies with them which will please Kristjan and Bella is looking forward to playing with Emily. Cate is a year old and I am sure will have fun being entertained by Kristjan. One day we plan on taking the kids to the zoo. Pictures to come!

Speaking of zoo. My house is like that sometimes. Actually, I think a circus is more like it! Here Bella is cuddled up yet ready to play while Kristjan and Donald attempt to chill out or even grab a nap. This attempt failed and back up and away they went.

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Ok super busy... can I borrow your energy for a weekend. Goodness. ;)

Well done! Everything looks delish!