Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can't we all just get along?

These little buggers are reeking havoc in my yard! They have been leaving pock holes all over and then they started digging up my vegetables in their pots! They dug up my peppers and some of my herbs man! Not cool.

My neighbor's back yard has nothing but oak trees while I have no trees other than palm trees. So the squirrels hang out and live in the trees next door but dig, bury and forage in my yard! I realize they are only doing as nature intended and then here we come and flatten the land and build a bunch of houses near their nests. I get it. You can hang out all you want, just stay out of my garden please.

So far I am going to get netting to cover the plants (which will look like crap - oh well) and spread some pepper spray (natural humane concoction) and coffee grounds. Works for Jamie Oliver, why not try it. If all else fails, I can always get some squirrel recipes online.

Poor little Bellabean has been home for two days with the flu. I think her fever broke this morning. She's home with Nanna today and is already feeling better and eating more. This winter has been rough as far as colds and such. Looking forward to summer for many reasons this year!

To my surprise we had another hard freeze right after I planted vegetables that hate the cold. Don't you love that crap? I was wrong thinking that we were not going to have any more cold snaps. Chris brought in his orchids and I noticed how pretty they were. His large white Phalaenopsis is getting ready to open soon too.

I posted on my recipe blog a (click on blue links) creamy and savory dish last night that was really tasty! I called it Creamy Pasta with Chicken Sausage and Kale. The chicken sausage I used was the Publix Greenwise version. It had a great flavor and you could taste all of fennel and other spices. Chris mentioned how much he liked it and had two helpings so I didn't even have to ask how it was. You can; of course, mix and match some of the ingredients to accommodate any dietary needs. Also I explained how simple it is to toss up some collards for a side dish. The other day I made them with some halibut with a spicy cilantro pesto. I love that fish. It has a rich and buttery flavor. It's my favorite.

Too bad I can't make more fish during the week. Leftover fish plus microwaving equals co-workers running out of the office. Hmm... Maybe that's actually a good thing.

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