Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The garden, the streaker and the mystery rash

The few plants I have so far in my garden are doing well. My basil will be plucked today for dinner and hopefully I will get some time this weekend to sow more basil seeds.

The sage is really taking off! It seems to love the location we placed it. Now to gather some recipes that use sage. I know of a succotash recipe that calls for a bunch of it. Left over succotash makes the best mix for pot pie too!
Oh no, it's the streaker again! Streaks all over the house anytime he's naked. Dashes to the tub when he hears the water going and runs from you when it's time to get dressed. I'm sure he loves that free feeling without that darn diaper on.

We believe that he may be allergic to the oak tree pollen. Well, to start with. The doctors can't give me a definitive answer so we are all playing the guessing game here. We were at the doctor's again yesterday as a matter of fact. You know, it's a heck of a lot cheaper for me to guess than us taking him to their office almost every week and paying an insurance co-pay, the time away from work, gas going here and there and occasional prescriptions just to hear "It may be...".

For the past couple of weeks he's been rubbing his eyes, scratching his head, sniffling and has watery eyes. Also he has what looks like heat rash on his neck and face. At first we thought it was from his recent vaccination but now we are thinking allergies. The rash on his face has subsided mostly but now he has some bumps along his belly. Looks like all of the places his clothes rub.

It was recommended to go the "all clear" route on detergents and stick to Aveeno or Dove unscented soaps for him. I'll do that and see if it helps.

If this continues I will ask for him to be seen by a dermatologist. It's time to find the culprit. It worked for me. If it's something he's eating I want to know and avoid it. Same with the detergents, or any other allergen it may be. I was told by my allergist when I was suffering from black mold exposure to also get rid of all cloth furniture, get covers for your mattress, get rid of carpet etc. This is because of dust mites, dander, pollen, and chemicals.

I'll pull up all the carpet if I have to. At this rate, replacing the carpet with wood floors may end up being kinder to my wallet than all of these doctor's visits!

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athomewiththeknights said...

Love the little streaker man. :) Your herbs look great! Tree allergens are sky-high now; Alex suffers the most out of us.