Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommy dinner is burning!

What's wrong with this picture? Take a look at the setting on the knob for the burner that is glowing red hot. It's on Lo....the burner is not. I caught it in action this time.

Sometimes after cooking something on med-high heat and I go to set it on low to simmer, the burner decides to revolt and goes the opposite direction to blaze on super high heat for about 3 minutes or so before deciding to actually go down to low. I have burned many a chicken breast or vegetable due to this possessed stove. Someday I'll have my gas Viking 48" Custom VGSC Range along with an in wall Vicking VCSO Combi Steam/Convection Oven. Whoa? Wake up? I can still dream...

Sometimes with little ones you just can't wait for certain milestones. You can't wait for them to smile, which is always good. You can't wait until they can walk, then you realize you're in trouble. You can't wait until they can talk, then you can't get them to be quiet. Well, I think Kristjan himself wished he could talk yesterday.

After Nanna picked him up from school yesterday he was happy and fine. He fell asleep and took a little nap. I arrive to gather the critters and he's not himself. He's moaning, crying, fussy and generally miserable. I am thinking....please not another ear infection!

He begins to then start scratching his head and fussing. He didn't want to play outside, didn't want a snack or juice. So, I bring him home and think he may immediately need a bath because he's just scratching away on his head and fussing. I then strip him down to his diaper while Chris starts the bath (now, the bath is Kristjan's FAVORITE thing and usually wants to jump in) and he starts screaming and plops on the floor, head down while slapping the floor. He was pissed folks.

Ok, so he didn't want the bath! So let's warm up a bottle of milk. He quickly slugged down that milk faster than it warmed up and then suddenly... "Da da?" He was instantly better and playful again. Just needed that milk. All that time he was trying to tell us what he wanted and we didn't understand.

Now that I think back about it seeing him on the bathroom floor so frustrated and gesturing away. The dude was at his whits end because we just didn't get it. I got it now buddy. Next time, I'll warm up that bottle first.

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