Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something positive

I found an article in our local paper this morning that impressed me.

I was surprised to see our county listed and actually proud that they are participating. That's good news for all little ones and helps with the animals. Not just that they are offering meatless protein alternatives but that more vegetables and fruits are available for the kids. Kudos to Pasco County. (Click on blue link above to read full article)

Bella participates in the school lunch program. We put money in her "account" monthly on average. She has to enter her pin number when she gets her food and all of the foods she picks up go online for us to monitor. If we see too many bad choices (like ice cream for lunch), we can remove that item so when she selects it, they will inform her she can't have it. We seem to notice that they make the children select items from each food group with their meal so actually they would not allow her to just select ice cream or sweets alone. So far so good. She's eating what I would normally make her for lunch each day (her love for pb&j) or better and the cost seems the same.

So far I can't get the little man to eat any meat. You can hide it in other things all you want. He chews it then spits it out. Not sure if it's a taste thing or texture thing right now. Won't hurt my feelings if he doesn't like meat. What he does love is fruit. He'll shove it in by the handful. He's my little fruitarian.

He loves sweet foods and Bella loves salty foods. Now to get them to eat both flavors together. That's the challenge.

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