Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is in the air

Lately it's been quite hot outside to be honest. We have great breezy mornings and late afternoons, but mid day is already getting steamy here. The oak tree pollen is outrageous and covering everything. Rain is needed down here badly.

We are slowly getting the backyard back into shape again. We had a lot of interesting plants back there from the previous owners. Interesting because half of them were indoor plants planted outdoors and the rest were just sporadically planted with no even spacing or theme.

Chris has been removing dangerous needle like plants and other shrubs that did not survive this winter. We are going the climate friendly and low maintenance route along with pine bark mulch instead of the regular because it lasts much longer. I don't want to have to cover tons of plants every time we have a freeze and we really like plants that can handle the wide spectrum of weather here. We are taking it a section at a time as we can afford to.

Here are my three tomato plants! I already have one tomato growing. They are looking happy and healthy right now. Hope they can continue this way. Daylight savings helps because we still have light after getting home from work. I need to thank Chris too because he goes out there and tends to them when I'm busy or not home yet.

We currently have three peppers. Serrano, Jalapeno and Green bell pepper. I hope to get a couple more regular bell peppers. We use at least 5 of those a week it seems.

We have all of the veggies and most herbs in pots because our soil is not soil, it's sand. Better off in pots I think! I do have the sandy soil lovers in the ground like the oregano, rosemary and lavender.

My new basil and sage are doing fine. Looks like I need to clip off some basil already before it flowers on me. I have some basil seed to plant so that I can have a constant supply available. I could use all of the basil in the picture to make just one batch of pesto.

So far it's a small start but hope to add as we go without going beyond our control or budget.

Professor Kristjan at your service! He likes to put on Bella's safety glasses from her dinosaur fossil dig toy. Just walks around knowing he's a cool cat.
And their out folks. Dad and Bella crashed out on the floor. Was she cold or perhaps daddy is has more cushion going on? She should have laid on me...plenty of cushion.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Saturday we splurged a little and grabbed breakfast from this great family owned restaurant called Cafe Fresco & Bakery where Chris enjoyed their banana nut bread french toast, then the kids got their hair trimmed (Kristjan didn't care for the experience), popped in the pet store for some entertainment, went grocery shopping and later that evening went to a friend's house for dinner. Sunday we visited Mama Ruby then came home and finally reorganized a couple of closets, cleaned the house, visited with Nanna & Nannu and then ate dinner.

The kids went to bed early so Chris and I got some grown up time and watched a movie. It was a good weekend. I am already looking forward to next weekend (Hell, I'm always looking forward to the weekend). I am thinking about celebrating St. Patrick's day on Saturday. Need to get some authentic Irish recipes and some good beer and have a little fun!

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