Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Need a day off

Here we go again! I am back to feeling completely overwhelmed with my "to do list" and how I can't seem to get anything done! New "need to do" tasks keep creeping up before I can get to the old ones.

I am at peace when I look around and my house is tidy and everything is organized and in it's place. I know it's nearly impossible right now with a toddler who's climbing the furniture and a 6 year old that's always in the pantry.

I need a day where I am home ALONE so that I can actually get something done. I am thinking a day off or a 24 hour flu is in order here.

Here she is all proud and happy to have her tooth out. It's in the area I circled in blue. She was so happy that the Tooth Fairy came. She received another reading award yesterday. She is excelling so well in reading. It's very exciting!

Here's a mess I can handle! Nothing like a little ravioli facial treatment for healthier skin.

I actually won the Clarisonic Skin Care System the other day from Martha Stewart Radio (Sirius) for having the winning appetizer-dinner-dessert recipes for under $25. That was exciting because I have never won anything before and I got to briefly speak to her. Working in Martha's test kitchens and conjuring up delicious recipes would be my dream job.

So if it makes me look like I'm 16 again, I'll make sure to spread the word! If not, I might just try the ravioli facial.

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athomewiththeknights said...

Yep, I think I hear you sniffling now. Thursday would be a perfect day - it's going to be 84, and then you only have one day until the weekend shows up. Grab some tissue, take a day off. ;)