Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coupons, coupons and more coupons

I have developed a large coupon binder. It's filled and organized. I have multiples of the same coupons (thanks to my co-worker that also works for the paper and gives me extra Sunday papers!). The idea came from a friend of mine as well as other ladies online. I am a member of where I get reports on CVS and Walgreens. Using this tool I can take advantage of crazy deals on things like toiletries and such.

I am still learning the technique. My friend can basically spend $3.50 and walk out of those places with $30.00 worth of stuff!

I use a blog called to help with my Publix savings. I just found out about as well. That site I can print tons of online coupons. I utilize BOGO's with coupons really. I have save as much as I can. Why pay full price if you don't have to? I am trying to use my bulk dried goods and the local produce grocer, but for baby needs, toiletries and such I have to go to the big box stores. That's when coupons come to play.

My problem is creating a menu for the week, sticking with it and keeping from going during the week to get anything I forgot. I can create a list, but with my cooking passion, I tend to pick up ingredients not on the list that I think would "go great" with this or that dish. Like mushrooms, herbs, pancetta etc. Those things add up. Can you tell I have poor self discipline? I'd be a svelte, ultra healthy, ultimately organized being if I had any.

Chris's orchids. He's out of town this week so I am keeping an eye on them for him. His large white Phalaenopsis is opening and I will get a picture of it on here really soon. The kid's daycare is selling large purple ones for a fund raiser. Bella is insisting I get dad one to surprise him. I think I'll do that a for him so he sees it when he arrives home tomorrow.

It's been a quiet week so far. My parents have been picking up the kids from school for me and they both have been so good for me. I took a cooking break too. I have not used my stove all week! It's amazing how clean and tidy my kitchen is with me not creating all these dishes to clean and put away each day. I have more time hang with the kids, pick up the house and ready for the next day. I have been eating sandwiches, salads or tuna salad while Bella eats at my parents and Kristjan gobbles his fruit. I think I'll make it a point to make quick things like that a couple times a week to save money and give my stove (me) a break!

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athomewiththeknights said...

This month, I am determined to get my grocery bill even lower. :) Watch out CVS and Walgreens, unless it's dang near free, I won't be getting it!