Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gooey and good

Ok, I gotta sandwich for you. It's the grilled vegetable & mozzarella panini recipe I got from Epicurious. It was so easy and so delish! We did change a couple of things though. Chris grilled the veggies for me instead of broiling them and then I made the bread and sliced it verses buying the chiabatta bread. Chris thought this sandwich was as fresh as it gets. Fresh baked bread, basil from the backyard and veggies right off the grill. Gordon Ramsey would be proud.

My only change for the next time around would possibly be the cheese. I may go for Fontina, Chevre or even Brie for more flavor. Mozzarella is so gooey and to be honest, I can't find any flavor in it. I think I might try all three cheeses and mix up the veggies too. It's all about having fun with it!

Melted madness! Chris said is was a messy sandwich. All my sandwiches are. I always over stuff them. If it's messy, it has to be good!

Here's Chris's American Wheat beer chugging along in the carboy (fermenting in the frig). The American Wheat beer has developed it's own style different from the German Weizen. The American wheats are similar to flavor but are brewed with an American ale yeast rather than the Weizen yeast used by the Germans. There is more hop flavor and aroma and more base malts. He will be bottling it in two weeks. Should turn out to be a great summer brew.

We had a good rain the other day finally. At sunset the whole sky was bright red. Had to enjoy the moment.

After the brief sunset, look at who I saw waiting for me at the glass door. He's trying to lick his way out. How could I have gone outdoors without him? You just had a bath buddy, no rolling in the grass for you.

My two teasers. They both like to tease each other. I am an only child so all of this sibling stuff is new to me. I'm finding it fascinating to watch how they react and grow with each other.

I wonder if I'll still find it fascinating when they're teens.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

I don't know about the brewing... but that sandwich looks AMAZING!!


Nessa said...

The brewing is Chris's baby. It does look pretty gross with the yeast bubbling on top. Looks a lot better in the bottle :o)