Thursday, April 9, 2009

Living in a box town

I'm a little past due on a quality vent. So here it goes. I did not have any lunch for work this morning and we are short staffed at work so I knew I better get something on my way in. My healthiest option in my town that's open in the morning (hell, I think it's the healthiest option all day) is Subway. Sad, I know.

I got in line and then started looking around. Thought a veggie salad or veggie salad with tuna might work. Upon looking at the ingredients, I noticed the tuna had dried dark brown bits on the top, the lunch meat was discolored and gross, the cheese looked dried up and the veggies looked picked through and wilted. In disgust, I leave and just head to work, knowing my only other options are fast food or country kitchen greasy buffets.

That's all there is here. Fast food, big buffets and a couple of chain restaurants like Chilis and Ruby Tuesday's which we all know are actually worse for you than McDonalds. There are no family run cafes, no cool pubs or brew houses, no coffee shops or Starbucks, no Barnes & Noble to read (or small bookstore) and have a tea or coffee and no restaurants that serve any organics or even quality whole food.

Here it's just about quantity, not quality. What's also sad is that I don't believe the healthier or unique places would survive here. The people here like their Walmart, their all you can eat fried foods and their Nascar. It's a Folgers town, not a Starbucks town. Maybe there's nothing wrong with that and that's fine. I just don't think I belong here. This is not the place for me. Chris completely agrees. We stand out like water on chocolate here.

It's the same at work; which is in the city, but I work in the not-so-good part of town. People call me "difficult" at lunch because I refuse to give in and simply go to McDonald's. When I explain why, I get even more ridicule. It's silly to these people to worry about GMO's in your food, high fat, factory farming, pollution, processed foods etc. I am made out to be the moron. Excuse me for wanting to eat whole foods from the earth. You know, like vegetables or grains? It all makes me refocus on my inner soul wanting so much to flee this place.

I want to live in a town where real food is just as prevalent as the processed crap. I want to live in a town with a local park free of garbage and that is well kept. I want to live in a town where I can go outside and actually say "It's beautiful here" or feel some sort of pride and belonging. Think most of the people that live in Positano Italy or near the mountains in North Carolina hate where they live? Doubt it. I want to be able live in a town where you don't have to worry about locking your doors and cars - even when you are home. I want to live somewhere that has great places in nature to visit and let the kids learn and explore. Most of all, I want to be able to say "I love it here."

There is a bright side here though. Bright side is my parents are here, I met Chris here and I did have a good childhood here. But places change and I have changed. I know there are plenty of other places to try and explore. Places where being different is ok and trying eat whole foods is not a joke around the office.

Patience grasshopper. That's all I can think of right now. That's all I can do. Live with it and put a smile on my face. It will be a few years and then someday I hope to be able to finally say, "I love it here."


athomewiththeknights said...

Awwww...I feel your pain, mama! Someday, right? I'm waiting to head up to the NC hills and start a B&B. I've got my name, I've got my ideas and plans, now I just need some money and job stability to go. Someday......

Nessa said...

Someday... I have cooled down a bit and I guess I need to chill out. I'm just done with Florida I guess. Time for a new adventure. We both are stuck here until things turn around. I think a B&B is wonderful. There are plenty in Murfreesboro too. Wonder if any owners want to retire...

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Have you looked into your local library and the parks and rec system? I know you were talking about food. I ALWAYS have to bring my food. It isn't like here is teaming with places that are organic and nice to go to... but when I find a spot that I can eat that has good scenery, it helps everything. Then, when someone says "Hey, you guys want to go to lunch" I say "Yeah! Lets take it to Chambers Bay" and I eat mine packed from home and they eat their crap. Sometimes I even steal a couple fries cooked in GMO corn oil. ;)

Remember... like you say, it is all about balance.

OH! And a huge thing that has helped us with the eating junk factor, we buy Laura bars, and NuGo bars for when we forget to pack food. We cut them in half and then pack them in a container in my purse, and we always have them. It is the boost that gets us home from whereever we were having fun without a run through a junk food joint.