Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Where the hell have I been? Well, all over I guess. Lately I have just had other projects going on which prevented me from posting. I have some pictures to post and need to grab a moment to pull them off the camera. I'll get to it.

Here's a pic of my lunch today @ work. I love this dish! It's called Lentils with Pasta and Kale. I did make one change to it and I used Swiss chard instead of the kale. My local grocer said she could run out and cut me some kale (she grows it hydroponically) but I though I would try it with the Swiss chard that was already cut. I had never had it before and thought it was time to try another leafy green. Well.....I love this vegetable! It tastes like spinach but has a nutty-buttery taste. This dish is easy and healthy. Lentils cook in no time, I caramelized two onions, blanched the Swiss chard and tossed in the al dente pasta. Presto!

I had planned on using my own pasta but didn't get a chance to make a batch this weekend. I overbook myself and end up getting less accomplished. Maybe I can get a batch in this Sunday. I just won't plan on it and maybe it will get done.

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