Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is where I am in my mind today...

I seem to be going through a motivational slump these past few days. Just tired and low in energy. I mean, I can feel my gas gauge on low and I can't seem to find any gusto.

There are multiple factors to this. I have fallen off my diet at times to indulge in cheese and pasta as well as just nibbling too much. It's been really slow at work. Scary slow. When boredom sets in, I grab a snack. I bring my nuts in, but eating nuts all day isn't good either. My new cholesterol pills are playing with my digestive system. This same prescription caused my dad and Chris to discontinue use. I am a new patient on these meds and so far all okay except the bloating factor (TMI I know). My love of barley water either be it home brew or German pilsner tacks on empty calories. Then there's the lack of exercise. My usual excuses to myself go along with that one. No time, too much to do, too tired etc.

Ironically, to boost my energy I need to get up and moving. I think all would be fine if I just got off my ass without letting that voice in my head suggest otherwise. When I was overseas I ate like a horse, drank like a fish and still lost 30 or more pounds. All because I walked daily from here to there, swam almost daily and danced all night in clubs. Wow! Forgot how fun that was...

The exercise then though was enjoyable. Enjoyable to the point that you didn't even realize you were exercising. I was just doing and being. Getting on that treadmill seems like a daily duty that you force yourself upon. At least in my case it is. Man, there's that voice again.

I should have plenty of motivation. I mean, my health depends on it and my family depends on me. I have to get out of my own head and just do it.





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