Monday, April 6, 2009

Pucker up

That was the facial expression we all had in common with Saturday's Moroccan Chicken dish. It was way too sour! We all were puckering! Too many lemons and then adding the green olives only made it worse. I loved the spice combination, just not all those lemons. I will not make that again with lemons, perhaps oranges.

I did save the chicken that was left and picked out the olives. I used the chicken for Sunday's dinner by shredding it and adding with the beans for my burritos. I'll save the olives for my pizza.
This is the orchid we got for Chris. He loves it. Bella was to excited for him to come home and see it.

This is his baby. She finally opened for him. I'll have to get a better lit picture up. The details are truly beautiful.

Look at my Grocery shopping day! I saved $91.21 in stuff! I used buy one get one free offers (BOGO) along with coupons. Some items I got free and others I maybe paid a few cents for two! Then I utilized coupons with store sales. I picked up more foods than normal this time but I am getting my "stockpile" built up. Once I have my stockpile ready I will be able to have enough food and supplies at home to only need "bare essentials" instead of the whole load of things each time.

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