Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The bad ecomony strikes a blow

Today I lost a co-worker to the bad economy. She was told things are just too slow. Her departing means I am the only one left primarily in the office (other than management and sales staff who don't contribute to day-to-day duties).

I have another co-worker that has been by my side for years and it seems again, it's just the two of us. He's only in the office certain times though because they have him out doing sales calls as well. I've made up my mind not to worry about instances where I have to leave or be out because of my children being ill, doctor's appointments or much needed time off. It's not my problem if they are short staffed. I used to stress over that, but now I realize my family and my health come first - always.

Even though I will be getting more work piled on me without increased pay (haven't seen that in over 4 years...) I must again remember my mantra to be thankful I have a job. I think I better adapt another mantra....to get my resume' updated.

Just in case life throws me a curb ball or a great opportunity.

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

{{{hugs}}} it is pretty scary out there.