Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching up

Here I am in an attempt to catch up on things that have passed. This weekend we enjoyed the company of Uncle Steve and lovely Julia. We hope they had a good time and are pleased they came to visit us. At the last minute (without camera) after breakfast out we decided to head straight for the aquarium. Our aquarium has a water park feature at the end where the kids had a blast playing in the fountains and pirate ships. Sorry I do not have any photos of this. I am sure we will be visiting again before the summer ends. I'll catch some then on a more planned affair.

I think I need to do more things unplanned. They end up being fun.
My brown eyed girl. Still bringing home some great artwork from school. I'll have to share a recent one tomorrow.

I found out that Kristjan

likes chocolate.

Maybe he likes the frosting a bit more. Seems the floor ended up getting more chocolate than he did.

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