Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Collecting the memories

This morning was "muffins with mom" at Bella's school. The function was not until 8:30am so we got up a little later than usual, got ready slowly and lounged around a bit. I dropped off the little man at daycare and then off to school for some breakfast. I got there really early somehow so we just hung out in the car for a while and then had first dibs on the goodies.

After breakfast we then went to her class where I got to talk to her teacher for a while. Her name is Mrs. Carter (far left in the photograph). She's about my age and has three children with one with a disability. She's such as sweet woman and wonderful teacher. I hope that Isabella's future teachers are as dedicated and patient as she is.

So, can you find Bella in the picture? I had to get one. It's a great keepsake for her. I mean, Chris's Kindergarten picture is cute because you can see a few people that we are still friends with. I think my parents have mine, but I am sure I have a couple of pals on it that I am still in contact with.

Plus, after all these years, they do bring in some laughs - especially in the fashion department. The seventies was a cruel and disturbing time when it came to clothes (and hair styles).

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