Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gotta love those long weekends

Bella's favorite dress right now is the dress she wore to The Nutcracker at Christmas. Sometimes I let her wear it to play around the house. I think she wants to wear it again this Christmas if we go again. That is if it still fits and is still in one piece!

What has Kristjan's up most attention? Why it's his new pal Elmo. I still have "Elmo's Favorite Songs II" DVD from when Bella was little and he loves it. I think it's the combination of all the songs along with Elmo's voice and personality. I guess I should see if they still have "Elmo's Favorite Songs I" available. Kristjan loves music. Although, last night in bed while I was singing him some lullaby's in bed he sat up and put his hand over my mouth. Sorry that mom doesn't sound like Celine Dion. I get the hint. So I hummed the songs to him and that was ok.

Last night I made my third batch of pizzas with my own dough. I made a cheese for Bella and two vegetables for Chris and I. I did sneak some pancetta on there for a little kick though. They are not perfect yet, one pizza did not have a very crispy bottom. Next time I will try out browning them in a pan on both sides first, then top and then bake like a pal of mine suggests. That should solve the chewy bottoms.

If I follow the trail...
I just might find him. As much as I hate a mess, I do like to see this. This means the toys are being played with. It only takes minutes to put them all away in the toy buckets.

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

That pizza looks amazing! I will have to make pizza soon... :)