Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How quickly they grow

I stumbled across this picture and thought it was quite sweet. Bella was so very cute (still is!) and loved to be outside. This picture is from the backyard from our previous house. In the picture there is Gordon (left) and Junebug (right) who have both since passed away. They both lived very long lives and are still missed. Bella loved to play with them and lay on them. Every once and a while she still cries because she misses them. I hope that someday soon we can bring in another family member to love.
She said this was her playing outside near the owl house in the tree with Junebug.

Another use for the diaper ointment basket.

Kristjan had his 17 month physical yesterday. He's 17 months already. He actually gained a pound and 3 ounces! He's still a little dude but she said he's getting taller, head is growing and he's fine. Just little. Doesn't mean he will be a little dude, just means he's little now. May just sprout like crazy one day.

I will say that he's quite the mover and climber. He's learned to move objects in order to climb and loves to climb on the chairs, couch or whatever he sees fancy. His new thing is to come to me (I'm usually always in the kitchen - go figure) with his sandals in hand and says "side?". This means, please put these shoes on and take me outside. Like his sister was, he loves the outdoors.

Last night I made tofu with bitter greens from the Martha Stewart website. As usual I made just a couple of adjustments. I used Swiss chard instead of kale and I added some chopped and roasted potatoes to the greens. Knowing our ravenous appetites I wanted to make sure we were content after the meal and not still wanting more (leftovers are taken for lunch the next day for work). I say that because Chris and I are carboholics and we love our pasta, potatoes and rice. I have to incorporate one of those it seems in each meal when I can to get that "comfort food" feel.

The tofu after being marinated and cooked was rockin! We were both pleasantly surprised. I admit, I will use the kale as the recipe recommends for next time. The Swiss chard was a little too bitter for me in combination with the ginger and garlic. It's all in the fun of playing with it. I never seem to make the same thing twice. Hence, my food blog. Which was created to keep me in line and also help me "remember" how to make things I have made before.

Upon looking at my food blog. Looks like I need to get crackin and add some more delights!

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